oday, more than ever it seems, teenagers are at no loss for involvement in activities - family, school, church, friends, neighbourhood sports leagues and clubs. But it’s taking its toll on our youth! It’s tempting to look at young people as having unlimited energy reserves, but they don’t. Our energetic teenagers are burning out!

Despite the stereotypical image of nonchalant, lounging teenagers, many teens carry a heavier load than people give them credit for, according to a new study.

In fact, compared with nine other countries (with time-use surveys) from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Canadian teens ranked first in terms of average hours spent on unpaid and paid labour during the school week.

Concerned parents and caregivers want to know how to help stressed-out, over-worked, too active kids. And with good reason: Stress, lack of sleep and constant emotional and physical overexertion can wear on teens, just as it does on adults. Teens need to be very conscious of their diets, as well as the amount of exercise they get in a given week.

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