eniors are a very unique and precious part of every community – worldwide. Their wisdom, knowledge and experiences should always be treasured! Many are retired, but more and more seniors are choosing to stay in the employment field – some working part-time, while others continue working full-time. Retired or not, seniors are more active now than ever before!

Some are happy and content as ‘home bodies’; spending their time reading, watching TV, doing hobbies, etc., but many others are very active in their communities. They are active ‘home entertainers’, ‘social butterflies’, and ‘super shoppers’.

Some are very active doing hobbies, sports, or other interests such as culture, arts, and crafts.

The ‘community minded’ seniors volunteer and spend a good part of their time helping others. For instance, they may work for civic groups, hospitals, or schools.

Some seniors are ‘travelers’. They take low-cost bus trips to see friends or places of interest. Some sell their homes and take up life on the road, living in an RV most of the year. Some are ‘snow birds’ and take off for Florida or other warm climates to escape the cold winters.

In addition to all the activities that seniors par take in, many are grandparents and great grandparents - often caring for infants and children.

The research suggests that staying active is very healthy for seniors – but like anyone else, balance is key!

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