Would you agree that the pace of our lifestyles in this new millennium is crazy? Virtually everyone does!

We ALL wear a multitude of hats at every stage of our lives and this comes at a cost. Who suffers? Employees, employers, colleagues, clients, customers, spouses, significant others, children (all family members) and friends, to list only a few.

So, what can be done to slow down this hectic lifestyle? A lot! The Hurried Life ™ is here to help!!

Whether you are looking for a keynote address, lunch & learn session, workshop, in-service or professional development session, we can help. Our customized sessions are presented to a diversity of corporations, businesses, associations, schools and school systems, conferences/conventions, government agencies and non-profit organizations. They are designed to improve the bottom line of any organization.

How? Its simple - when you peel off the layers of the onion you realize that the stress that anyone has in their personal lives is brought into the workplace. If employees consciously slow down the pace - and subsequent stress - in their personal lives, they will be more effective in the workplace.

Dr. Sturdy's book entitled "The Hurried Life: 101 Ways To Slow It Down" is now available for purchase! This book contains 473 pages of practical tips and suggestions on slowing down your Personal Life, Work Life, Relationship Life, Single Life, Parenting Life, and Family Life. Be sure to pick up a copy or two at any of his presentations or order online below!

The Hurried Life: 101 Ways To Slow It Down
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