SERVICES: Families

ccording to Statistics Canada's Census (2006), there are 7.5 million families in Canada.

This service focuses on those families that have children. The lifestyle they lead is indeed a Hurried Life ™. They are always ‘on the move’. Often it’s related to getting their children to and from school, to and from extracurricular activities and the many other places that they visit as a family. In addition to all the travelling they do as a family, the parent (s) have their own personal things to be done too!

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Our training and educational sessions are offered in 1, 1 ¼ , or 1 ½ hour sessions including keynotes, workshops, seminars, or lunch and learn formats. We have also developed ½, 1 and 2 day workshops for more in-depth analyses and investigation of issues with respect to the hurried lifestyles of families.

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