ouples or Dinks/Dinky (DINKS: double income – no kids...or...DINKY: dual/double income – no kids yet) is referenced in Wikipedia.

DINKY is occasionally used (in the UK, India and China) to describe a high-earning couple who choose not to have children and are therefore able to afford a more expensive consumer lifestyle than those with families. The term was coined during the 1980’s at the height of “yuppie” culture, but never gained as much currency as the latter term.

A version of the acronym, DINK, is still used in the United States, especially for a subset of yuppies.

This group represents a very special segment of our society.

Many enterprising DINK couples slave for a combined 100-hour-plus workweek, a pace relieved by exotic vacations and expensive health clubs. Their hectic "time poor" life-style often forces them to schedule dinners with each other, and in some supercharged cases, even sex.

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