his service focuses on children. The lifestyle they lead is indeed a Hurried Life ™. There is an ongoing concern that children’s lives are overscheduled, they are being pushed too hard for academic success, and they are expected to behave and react as miniature adults. This pattern is creating more and more kids diagnosed with the “Hurried Child Syndrome”.

They are always ‘on the move’. Kids are involved in so many activities these days:

As parents, educators, and society in general, we must be cognizant of the effects of this busy lifestyle on our kids. School-aged children are more stressed now than ever before and some are exhausted at very early ages.

We’re proud to present valuable information to children by utilizing professional PowerPoint presentations via a format that is both informative and entertaining. Children will gain insights with respect to this lifestyle pattern and its long term effects. The value of play and unstructured activity is addressed throughout the session.

Our sessions are offered in either 45 minute or one hour blocks directly to children. Call or email us today for a quote for your organization. Your children deserve it!

Less hurry. Less hassle.

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