Founder's Biography

he Hurried Life ™ was founded by Dr. C. Sturdy. He has had a rich experiential background in education and the business world. He was a classroom teacher, a school principal, and an Assistant Executive Director of a non-profit organization for 27 years. He also established many small businesses and worked for, and with, a great number of corporations and associations over the years.

Dr. Sturdy’s corporate and charitable experience includes, but is not limited to:

Dr. Sturdy, via The Hurried Life ™, has presented to thousands of employees of incredibly diverse backgrounds. These same employees come from many, many cultural backgrounds, beliefs and value systems.

The Hurried Life ™ is proud to present this valuable information to your organization by utilizing professional PowerPoint presentations via a format that is both informative and entertaining.

The Hurried Life ™ offers training and consulting solutions that are practical, proven and cost-effective.

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